Well I’m back, many years later.

I felt compelled to make this a public diary because at this point in my life I need it. I need to actively and consistently and actively write. Even if it’s an informal format.

Since my last post, a lot has changed. I came back to UCR as a graduate student and shook some things up. I got a master’s degree. I lived in Hawai ‘i. Met interesting folks. Made some questionable decisions. Lost lots of things. Wasted lots of money. Had some personal and emotional stress. Got a new job back in California, ready to shake up another campus. Got into a doctoral program. Got all A’s. Ready to change the world.

Now that that you’re caught up and that’s out of the way.

The Purpose.

I think as well I think to process. I need to allow time and space for my brain to process all that I just shared. I need time to process my new station in life. I got to worry about even more adult things, you know things that a 30 year old worries about. I got to use checks to pay rent. Apparently, we have to buy a humidifier for the house because we have humidity in the house for some reason…I bought a water filter…idk, whatever.

I also have to unfortunately process this new world we live in. A world where leadership skills and capability to run the country is conflated with “telling it like it us” and “alt facts.” The whitewashed version of Shirley Chisolm’s Unbought and Unbossed is slowly metamorphing into what many sensible people feared would happen with Trump’s election. Much worse than more of the same, something far worse. A Wal-Mart style roll back (remember those commercials?) to a Great America that didn’t respect the rights of many of the people who now occupy our nation. An America that called itself America even though the term encompasses a continent with more than 30 other nations in it. An America that creates a euphemism for white supremacy and colonialism called Manifest Destiny, which later is taught to students all over the country in such a matter of fact way.

But who am I to talk? I’m just a guy from South Central LA. It’s not like I study history, education, race, and ethnicity. I read literature. I read political biographies and autobiographies. I read histories on the structure, policy, and law of higher education. From the students to the leaders, to the states, to the institutions, I’m pouring through it regularly. We see it everywhere that power, oppression, and privilege run parallel to the development of our political, social, medical, financial, and educational systems.

Oh but we should wait and see right? Nah. I’m not going to just “wait and see” when it’s my rights, my loved ones, and my very existence as a person on the line. That wasn’t a question when President Obama was elected. But maybe that’s what conservative feared? Maybe they feared that Barack was going to go Hussein on them and round them up and exterminate them. But he didn’t. And he never said he would. But DT has said it and this calls for protest, it calls for accountability to our written laws and vocalized values, this calls for sleepless nights and work. The BEST Social Justice work, Its Going to be HYUGE. Just you wait. This is just the beginning.

until next time…

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