I need to escape, I need a refuge all my own where no one can enter and I can vent all day long.

Everyone writes about freedom, everyone writes about escape but no one knows my pain or

my predicament…no one can maintain under these conditions not even me, all my resilience

means nothing when I have nothing and no one you see. Ridicule is around every corner, I’m the butt of

every joke, I’m looking for an exit from the fire, from the flames, from the dark, from the light and all I see

is smoke.

There is no justice there is no peace, how long must I wait for my savior to rescue me? I’d wait forever

just as long as i get some peace, calm, caressing, soothing, beautiful, loving–peace.¬† Did I mention love?

was that mulled over in the sentence I just wrote? Where I reside now there is no love…I am only aware of the love

God has for me

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